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Sea Doo

Premier Sea Doo Jet Skis

The new Sea-Doo line-up offers a wide range of watercraft that provides the best watersports experience possible. From recreational to performance, luxury and tow sports, SeaDoo has you covered. Come discover which Sea Doo jet boat model best fits your activities and personality. Considerations when buying a jet ski should include storage capability, experience at operating it, what needs the vehicle will fill, and personal safety. A person new to using one might want to consider renting or trying out several models before making a purchase when they see a Sea Doo for sale. If a person finds that he or she actually doesn’t care for jet skiing, purchasing one does not seem very sensible.

What to Look for When Buying a Sea Doo

Safety considerations in buying a SeaDoo jet boat are of the first import. For example, most modern vehicles have a lanyard. The lanyard turns the jet ski off automatically if the driver falls off or overturns. A very old model may not have a lanyard, so consumers should make sure that a used jet ski has one prior to purchasing. The actual size of the SeaDoo boat is also important. SeaDoo boats come in different sizes that accommodate one person, two people or four people. The four-person model is a relatively new and quite popular model, so this may be hard to obtain used.
The one-person Sea Doo boat model has two basic types: the solo craft or sport craft. The solo craft is a standing jet ski. It usually takes a little longer to learn how to master control of this type. The sport craft, alternately, offers a seat, which can provide greater stability for the person new to driving the vehicle. A sport craft may be slightly unstable, and more likely to turn over on people who are heavy or when it is being operated at slow speeds. However, in general, this model is better for the beginner. The two-person model offers dual seating, but tends to be a little slower. This often depends upon the size of the engine. In general, however, the model can be great fun. The Sea Doo boats for sale that are four-seaters are very stable and somewhat slower, but many enjoy this model when they wish to jet ski as a family and don’t want to purchase several.

After Buying A Sea Doo Jet Ski

Owners can and should insure a jet ski prior to use. Insurance may include insuring the craft and insuring the riders against personal injury. Insuring the craft is easier than insuring for injury, as the jet ski is associated with accidents. If the owner cannot obtain personal injury insurance, he or she should check with his or her health insurance plan to be certain that an injury on it is covered by insurance.
After you have purchased your new Sea Doo jet ski you are ready to enjoy your new watercraft. It is your responsibility to break it in properly. Just like the break-in period for a new car, Sea Doo jet boats owners should be conservative in its initial operation. During this period you should operate the watercraft at different RPM levels from low to high. During this initial break-in of your SeaDoo jet ski, don’t run it wide open. Refrain from going full throttle and caving into your passengers’ wishes of “Let’s open this baby up and see what she can do!” We have a feeling you’ll find plenty of time for that later. Treat your watercraft like you would treat yourself. Keep it clean and protected! A cover is a wise investment. Rinse, wash and wipe down your watercraft after use. This is essential if you are operating in salt water. Keep metal parts, engine components and pump properly lubricated. See OEM Watercraft Waverunner Parts, your authorized dealer, for the proper cleaning supplies for your Sea Doo boats.
If you’re operating in salt water you’ll need to execute the very simple flush procedure, which is explained in your owner’s manual. You did read your owner’s manual right? If not, you will want to find it, and turn to the “Post-Operation Care” section. Stop here and go get it. Flushing the exhaust system, and other components with fresh water is essential to neutralize the corroding effects of salt or other chemical products present in water. Flushing will also help to remove sand, salt, shells and other particles present in hoses and water jackets that could lead to overheating of the exhaust system.
Come to OEM Watercraft Waverunner Parts in Escondido and let our experienced mechanics do your repairs for you. We specialize in all the repairs and maintenance on Sea-Doo jet skis. We also love to work on customizations. We prefer to keep the customer informed every step of the way, starting with the purchase of a watercraft to the future maintenance and repairs. Before we begin working on your Sea Doo watercraft. customer will be consulted with our thoughts on the repairs needed and the cost of parts and labor for these repairs

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Sea Doo
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