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Honda Jet Ski

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Whether you are looking to buy a jet ski or simply get your personal watercraft serviced, you are sure to receive expert Honda Jet Ski repairs from qualified marine technicians and staff at OEM Watercraft Waverunner Parts. You may find a jetski for sale from our new, Honda, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Can AM, Sea Doo models, along with accessories. We also have used jet skis for sale. Our goal is to provide everyone with an affordable opportunity to experience the water. You will experience personalized service from our staff, who have years of experience riding and racing. We will provide all the essentials needed for your jet boat adventure making us your complete one stop facility for all of your honda Jet Ski needs in Escondido.

Honda Jet Ski Maintenance

If taken seriously maintenance on your Honda Jet Ski can benefit your water craft as well as your overall waverunner experience. With a well maintained Honda jet ski you can have a wonderful experience and at the same time ensure that you are not in danger. If you don’t maintain your jet ski well, you might put yourself in a risky position. It is very important that every time you go out there riding a water ski, it should be a well maintained one. So how do you maintain a jet ski? Here are some tips on how to maintain a Honda jet ski. Follow them and make sure your jet ski is always up to the mark:
Firstly, you need to know whether your jet ski is a 2 stroke one or a 4 stroke. If your ski is a 4 stroke make sure that your ski has the appropriate amount of oil and gas in it. On the other hand, if you have a 2 stroke ski then the fuel and oil needs to be mixed up. The reason for the ski to have appropriate amount of both is to keep the engine healthy. Without the right amount of both the fuels, the engine can get dry which is not good.
If you have stored your ski for long then make sure that before starting it you take out the old fuel and replace it with new fuel. Also, add some fuel stabilizer before you start the engine. If you don’t want to replace the fuel then you can use a fuel cleaner in it.
Another major thing to do is to add engine oil in the engine after every six months. It is recommended to change the engine oil after every 6 months. If you are using heavy duty engine oil then you can replace it after 8 or 12 months.
Make sure all the wirings are in the best shape. As it is a watercraft, therefore minor wiring related issues can become the reason of deadly accidents.
Maintaining a jet ski is not much different from maintaining an automobile. The basics remain the same but the process gets easier as a jet ski is less complicated and smaller in size. Although it is easy, it is very crucial to maintain your jet ski the right way if you want it to have a longer life.
Lastly, flush water from your engine regularly. Lake water may do but algae and dirt normally cause buildup in the engine parts which may eventually cause the decline in performance of the machine. If you are using your jet ski in salt water however, you have to assure to it that salt water is flushed before storing it.
Salt, once it builds up can actually cause you serious problems. These are quite hard to remove and you have no other option but to painstakingly remove them by means other than using hot water (one of the most effective medium for removing salt deposits. After all, you can never use hot water in cleaning a cooling system.

Honda Jet Ski Repair Shop

When it’s time to perform maintenance or repairs we carry a large selection of discount Honda watercraft parts. We work on all types of waverunners, but we are a certified Honda shop which means we can work on all models of the Honda jet ski. By using our Honda OEM parts catalog we make it easier than ever to locate the specific Honda jet boat part you are in need of. Simply find the year of the Honda parts you need, and then locate your model.
We understand that life can get busy sometimes and finding time to properly take care of and maintain your jet ski can be difficult. Come to OEM Watercraft Waverunner Parts in Escondido and let our experienced mechanics do your repairs for you. If things are beyond repair we have jet skis for sale. When you are ready for a new Honda Jet Ski let us know!

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