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OEM Watercraft Waverunner Parts has been making weekends, water adventures and off-road exploring more fun and enjoyable with Yamaha Jet Ski for years. We are staffed with experts who know and love jet skis of any brand or model, jet boats, all brands of outboard and inboard motors, all-terrain vehicles, basically anything that rides or floats! We can help you out and get you running again in no time! We strive to provide quality Yamaha Jet Ski service at reasonable rates. We are well known throughout the area as one of the most skilled Yamaha Jet Ski diagnosticians and mechanics when it comes to correcting any problem that may be keeping you from fun and enjoyment on your watercraft. Our technicians are able to address and concern you may have regarding your watercraft. Everything from a simple tune up for your new ski to keep running great, all the way down to rebuilding a blown motor, and everything in between. Specializing in general jet ski boat repair of Yamaha, Sea-Doo and Kawasaki.

Yamaha Jet Ski Parts House

We are one of the largest Yamaha parts house retailers in the U.S. We sell genuine OEM Yamaha Parts at discounted prices. Yamaha has made a name for itself in the powersports industry since 1955. Owning a Yamaha Waverunner can be an exciting adventure. When it’s time to perform maintenance or repairs we carry a large selection of discount Yamaha watercraft parts. By using our Yamaha OEM parts catalog we make it easier than ever to locate the specific Yamaha jet boat part you are in need of. Simply find the year of the Yamaha parts you need, and then locate your model. After you select the component, the Yamaha Waverunner parts diagram will display allowing you to easily select and purchase your Yamaha part.
It is important that you keep you jet ski serviced and maintained regularly to ensure sufficient life and power. We specialize in the selling and fitting of all your necessary OEM Yamaha jet boats parts. We can help with all of your jet ski servicing and jet ski maintenance requirements, big or small. Only a professional Yamaha jet ski expert can help keep your jet ski running the way you love, for this reason we employ a staff of qualified personal watercraft mechanics who can perform any of your jet ski addition and maintenance needs at an affordable cost.

Yamaha Jet Ski Repairs

There are a number of reasons that Jet ski shops charge much more than a typical automobile repair shop for what appears to be similar services. The main reason is that marine-grade engine parts are expensive and the work needs to be done correctly the first time. There is no “pulling over to the side of the road” when you are on the lake. An oil filter for a Yamaha HO engine has a retail price of $26! This is for a Spin-off filter, similar to what you can buy for your car at a local big box store for under $10. O-rings can be used again if a trained technician with the proper tools and experience removes the oil filter cover, but since a leaking o-ring can fill the engine bay with oil, it’s a good practice to change them. Did you ever see a spark plug that costs $22? If you have a certain model of Jetski with a fuel injected engine, that is what the spark plugs cost. That’s $66 for a three cylinder engine! If you own a boat, you know exactly how expensive quality parts can be.
Without training and expertise a “Heck I can do it myself and save a bundle” oil change could be disastrous. Overfilling engine oil is a very common error that do-it-yourselfers make, and the results are often messy and expensive, as oil starts overflowing from your engines breathers and fouls the inside of your hull. So is the improper installation of an oil filter on a late model Seadoo. repairs can run into thousands of dollars.
Overfilling the oil on a Yamaha can ruin the air filter, a $77 item. Discharging oil into the lake (your bilge pump will dutifully pump hull contents including that nasty oil, right into the water) carries a heavy fine. Changing oil doesn’t sound that complicated or tricky, but with some Yamaha Jet Ski it is.
There is nothing more frustrating than standing on the shore of the lake with a broken-down watercraft. Losing time and money by completing maintenance and repairs once you are on the water is never any fun. Being out on the water with your family and friends is the most important part of being a jet ski owner. If you are ready to get off of the shore and out on the water but need assistance locating the right Yamaha Waverunner parts, please contact us. If you own a Yamaha Jet Ski we are always happy to assist with any of your needs.

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